Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy Week-end projects

This was a very productive week-end with many projects inside and out coming together.
Hubby built me the perfect planter for my Clematis and Sweetpea to use as a screen on our balcony. Once it stops raining I will be able to paint and plant it.
The compost is finally done!! Yay the wormbin will be not so stuffed any longer...I'm sure those worms can use a break :)
The ugly pool is gone at last and we're slowly dismanteling the pool-deck and building raised beds of varrying height. There will be nine 4 X 4 when done. The tall one is my herb bed (it will be the center).
Finally the long search for nightstands is over, I decided to re-furbish my grandmothers and give them a new look. It was a lot of fun to create.

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